Culligan of Ashland strives to maintain our exemplary service, this is a testimonial of one of our many satisfied customers:

“So far, we are very pleased with our new control unit.

I am also very glad that Joe was able to find the plumbing parts and get the entire unit operational the same day as his initial visit.

My brother purchased a generic water softener and had it installed for a quarter of the price of the Culligan unit.  However, he has had some issues with it and it uses considerably more salt than our unit does.  Culligan is not the cheapest investment, however I consider it to be a long-term asset that increases the value of my home.

I am pleased that Culligan and your company stand behind this unit and should the need arise for any future service, I am confident that you will come promptly and resolve it for us.  Please feel free to use me as a reference if necessary.  Thank you.”

Tim Lutgen