Culligan not only has water treatment solutions for residential houses, but also for commercial and industrial accounts. The following gives an overview on the commercial and industrial systems that Culligan can offer. Please contact Culligan today with any additional questions.

Pretreatment Systems

Water Filters
Culligan offers many types of filters that improve water for a range of usesMulti-media, Granular-Activated Carbon. Culligan can also provide specially engineered filters for use in many other commercial/industrial applications.

Reverse Osmosis System
Clean up your water with a Culligan RO system. In Reverse Osmosis, water is passed throgh a semi-permeable membrane under high pressure, removing unwanted dissolved solids. This process eliminates up to 95% of dissolved minerals, particles and organics from your water, giving you pure water for anything from making beverages to printing.

Water Softeners
Culligan is the right choice for battling hard water. From doing laundry to manufacturing, our softening systems give you the quality water you need to take care of business.

High Purity Water

Portable Exchange & Automatic Deionizers
Through ion exchange, Deionization gets rid of unwanted minerals in your water supply.

Choose the Deionization System that gives you the level of purity you need. Culligan offers strong-base, weak-base, or mixed bed systems. We’ll help you determine which will deliver the quality of water your business needs.

Culligan also offers specially engineered deionization systems for use on your commercial/industrial needs.

Electrodeionization (EDI)
(EDI) is a water treatment process that removes ionizable species from liquids using electrically active media and an electrical potential to effect ion transport. It differs from other water purification technologies such as conventional ion exchange in that it is does not require the use of chemicals such as acid and caustic. EDI is commonly used as a polishing process to further deionize Reverse Osmosis (RO) permeate to multi-megohm-cm quality water.

High Volume Bottled Water (POU MVP)
Your local Culligan Dealer delivers crystal clear water at work with either bottled or bottle-less point-of-use coolers. The coolers are available in a variety of configurations.

Water Reuse

Culligan is a leading global supplier of industrial water and wastewater (greywater) treatment systems and services. Greywater is washwater. That is, all wastewater excepting toilet wastes and food wastes derived from garbage grinders.