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Culligan of Ashland is ready to service your water treatment needs.

Are you looking to experience the benefits of softener and filtered water so you skin feels smooth again and your hair is fluffy and vibrant after washing?

Or, are you looking to protect your appliances from iron staining and from being destroyed prematurely?

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How we work with you

Softener Salt Delivery

Many homeowners and businesses rely on us to tend to keeping the salt tank full of salt and make sure the equipment is working correctly.

We make it easy! Based on your household size or number of employees, we establish a schedule for delivery of water softener salt. Since Culligan works with high efficiency softeners, we usually come about every 3-4 months. You get the salt, we check the unit, and recommend any needed maintance.

We will deliver salt for ANY brand of water softeners.

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Why use Culligan Salt Delivery Service?